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Zero Waste Ideas - Furniture Recycling

This week on the Zero Waste Journal we are diving into furniture and how we can re-use, re-upholster, and recycle furniture. At Perrier Planning, we actually prefer to buy used and recycled pieces as we find that older furniture is better quality and more durable. The new products on the market seem to be made of poor quality materials and don't last nearly as long.

Here are three different ways to purchase furniture that will have a great impact on the environment. Choosing one of these methods will also give you more control over what style and colour your furniture can be.

Do It Yourself:

There are so many options out there for coffee tables, side tables, dressers and chairs. You can re-furbish all of these with sandpaper and some nice paint/stain.

Check out The Good Trade blog for some great eco-friendly paint brands!

Get it re-upholstered:

There are still businesses that will take old furniture and re-upholster it for you. This is another great way to use old products (that are well made), and make them modern and trendy again.

Humanity Re-Store:

The Re-Store is a business that take used products from business and individuals to re-sell at a discounted price. Re-Store has a relationship with Habitat for Humanity and all proceeds are used to help families in need within the surrounding area's.

Thanks for reading this weeks post. Leave a comment if you have any other options that we might have missed!

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