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Ola! Happy 'almost' December to all!

Have you started listening to Christmas music yet? I don't usually start until December 1st, but considering the crazy year we have all had.. all rules are off the table for me. Bring on the music, decor and celebrations! When it comes to gifts, think LOCAL and LOW WASTE.


Gifts for a Healthy MIND

Book recommendation: From the Ashes by Jessie Thistle

Meditation pillow: Organic Yoga Meditation Pillow from Avocado

Vitamins & supplements: Greeniche

Card game: Actually Curious

Gifts for a Healthy BODY

Sports wear: Public Myth

Collagen supplement: Aura

CBD massage oil: Cannalife botanicals

Reflexology Mat: Reflexology store

Gifts for a Healthy SPIRIT

Candles: Eco Bake Oven

Healing Gemstone: Wicked Stones

Essential Oils: Saje

Smoke Cleansing: Halo Healing

Good luck finding the perfect gift for that perfect someone. Happy Eco Hunting!

This holiday season everyone is saying shop LOCAL, as they should, because it is extremely important! As much as local physical gifts can be very meaningful and important, I think that the act of giving a meaningful experience can create amazing long lasting memories at this special time of year.

As COVID-19 separates many families this winter, a gifted experience could really help bring people together. Most of the experiences I am sharing with you are VIRTUAL so you don't need to worry about social distancing measures.

1) Gift a group of friends or family a virtual murder mystery night!

SH Events & Mysteries are my go to company! They offer custom stories for you and your guests OR they have a great list of theme ideas of you to choose from. They even have a Christmas themed one!! You will need a minimum of 6 people for this event (maximum 50 people).

2) Gift a group of friends or family a virtual wine tasting experience.

I would recommend Lauren Power Wine if you are new to the wine scene! Her virtual tastings are newbie friendly, very easy to follow and she even ships the wine to your door.

If you are a more experienced wine drinker than I would recommend The Wine Sisters!

3) Gift a sustainable coffee subscription to an espresso lover and then plan to have a virtual coffee date with them every month (include this gift in a card explaining the virtual coffee dates you will plan).

I would highly recommend the coffee subscriptions at Transcend Coffee and Roastery. They have fabulous environmental practices.

4) Gift a virtual day at an amusement park to any children in your life!

Canada's Wonderland has 16 coasters, 11 thrill rides and seven family rides all virtual (and free). The kids will love that they can experience some of the grown-up rides virtually, even though they may not, technically, be tall enough to ride in person.

I suggest buying some cotton candy and veggie dogs to get into the park day spirit!

That's all for now. Next week I will be posting our Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit Gift Guide - stay tuned!

It's getting COLD outside and I have been wanting to invest in a nice eco-friendly blanket for the winter.

Unfortunately, sustainable blankets made in Canada seem to have a VERY high price tag. After much investigation I have found five Canadian companies that I love and all have blankets under $200. Still think $200 is too much for a blanket? I included a BARGAIN deal as my last suggestion.

Let's talk BLANKETS. There are so many different types - plush blankets, baby blankets, faux furs, comforters, duvets, cotton blankets, feather blankets...and the list goes on.

The most sustainable blankets are usually made from 100% organic cotton, organic cotton flannel, organic silk, hemp, bamboo, organic wool or recycled fabrics.

How do you decide which type to buy?

My advice is to keep it simple: make sure you like the feel of it, buy a blanket in a neutral colour that you won't get sick of, and make sure that it is the right size for your bed or couch.

Want More Colour? Use pillows to highlight a certain colour or pattern that you love.

A Tip To Remember -

When purchasing an eco blanket, remember that it is going to be high quality and long lasting. One of these blankets will last you at least five years, but most likely closer to twenty (if cared for properly).


Reversible 100% Cotton Blanket from Au Lit Fine Linens

Duvet Cover Set from Benji

Cotton Amber Bedspread from Tess

Waffle Throw Blanket from Sömn

Cable Knit Blanket from Skylark+Owl

Bargain - only $69.00 CAD

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