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Buy Old Model Tech To Help Lower Your Carbon Footprint

One of the most frustrating things about todays business model is that everything we do is online. There are individuals who are are running their businesses through a 4x6 inch screen.

Laptops and smart phones have made business much more accessible to everyone. So, if it's such an important part of your business, career, and lifestyle. Why do we always have to pay top dollar for the latest version?

Right now, I'm writing this on a refurbished iMac. It was a big discount from their latest released model of that model. It made me realize that there are extremely good products that are at a discounted price based only on the fact that they are a few years old. These computers are in great working condition and if we stop buying the latest model of everything we can help slow the consumerism trend in the electronics sector.

Here are a few companies that sell older models.








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