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5 Amazing Eco Blankets To Keep You Warm This Winter

It's getting COLD outside and I have been wanting to invest in a nice eco-friendly blanket for the winter.

Unfortunately, sustainable blankets made in Canada seem to have a VERY high price tag. After much investigation I have found five Canadian companies that I love and all have blankets under $200. Still think $200 is too much for a blanket? I included a BARGAIN deal as my last suggestion.

Let's talk BLANKETS. There are so many different types - plush blankets, baby blankets, faux furs, comforters, duvets, cotton blankets, feather blankets...and the list goes on.

The most sustainable blankets are usually made from 100% organic cotton, organic cotton flannel, organic silk, hemp, bamboo, organic wool or recycled fabrics.

How do you decide which type to buy?

My advice is to keep it simple: make sure you like the feel of it, buy a blanket in a neutral colour that you won't get sick of, and make sure that it is the right size for your bed or couch.

Want More Colour? Use pillows to highlight a certain colour or pattern that you love.

A Tip To Remember -

When purchasing an eco blanket, remember that it is going to be high quality and long lasting. One of these blankets will last you at least five years, but most likely closer to twenty (if cared for properly).


Reversible 100% Cotton Blanket from Au Lit Fine Linens

Duvet Cover Set from Benji

Cotton Amber Bedspread from Tess

Waffle Throw Blanket from Sömn

Cable Knit Blanket from Skylark+Owl

Bargain - only $69.00 CAD

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