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The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues in Toronto (for Micro Weddings)

Micro Weddings are IN, they are cute and they are so much better for the planet!

What's the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement?

Micro or small scale weddings have a guest count of 30-50 people and the order of events is similar to those at a regular wedding.

Elopements are considered under 10 people and the affair is usually planned under the radar (and not far ahead of time).

Now let's talk eco-friendly..

Having an eco-friendly micro wedding lets you celebrate with your nearest and dearest, and enables you to spend more money on the things you love - farm to table food, organic wine, and local products - and less money on people you don't even know that well. Seems like a good deal right?

When searching for an eco-friendly wedding venue in Toronto, there are many factors to be considerate of: how many people does the space accommodate, are there any noise restrictions past a certain time, is it wheelchair accessible, is there parking and the list goes on....

As an eco-friendly event planner I have traveled around the city viewing hundreds of venues and asking what types of sustainable practices these spaces have in place. Now the game has changed again: what venues are still open after being hit with a global pandemic and do they offer flexible small scale or micro wedding packages?

Beware of venues stating they are eco-friendly because they recycle and compost. Although this is a great practice, it does not mean that they are eco-friendly.

Things to look for and ask for when assessing the green practices of a venue (even during COVID-19) ~

- willingness to omit as much plastic as possible from the event

- the use of eco-friendly cleaning products

- the use of eco friendly dry cleaning for all linens & napkins

- refraining from the use of plastic straws and plastic water bottles

- the use of LED light bulbs

If they have in-house catering ~

- sourcing of local food (farm to table concept)

- do they grow their own herbs

- refrains from covering food in plastic wrap (towels or beeswax wrap instead)

- have the proper compost & recycling measures in place

- is signed up or is willing to sign up for a Second Harvest program called FoodRescue.ca

These are my top 5 recommendations for eco-friendly venues that host amazing micro weddings in Toronto; they all have a micro-wedding package in place or are very willing to accommodate small scale weddings. Need a eco-friendly wedding planner to guide you through your journey? Eco-friendly weddings are our specialty here at Perrier Planning!

1. Evergreen Brickworks

2. Miller Lash House

3. Granite Brewery

4. The Gladstone Hotel

5. Kortright Event Space

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