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Meal Planning = Less Food Waste

Happy Monday Everyone,

Have you started out this new week with a delicious and healthy meal plan? If not, you have come to the right place. I am not going to lie to you...even before I started my zero waste lifestyle, I regularly had a meal plan (because I am just that kind of type A person). If you get into a good routine it's a super easy way to eliminate unnecessary food waste for the following reasons:

1) Meal planning allows for you to plan for multiple meals with similar ingredients so you don't end up throwing out that half bag of arugula or that forgotten tomato sauce.

2) Meal planning will guarantee that you have enough meals for the week so you don't end up ordering takeout last minute (takeout food usually means a lot of extra waste, especially during the current pandemic).

BONUS: Meal planning encourages you to eat healthier and try out new recipes.

So what have you got to lose?

Here is a copy of the meal planning template that I use!

Where should you start looking for recipes?

Cookbooks are nostalgic for me, so I usually start off by looking through the cookbooks I own. My current favourite is Antoni In The Kitchen! You probably know him from Queer Eye and he grew up in Montreal!

My all time favourite meal prep blogger is The Girl on Bloor.

Taylor Stinson has hundreds of delicious healthy recipes and meal planning resources to get through this weird quarantine summer. Check her out!

The Cookie and Kate blog also has great seasonal recipes that are vegetarian or vegan. You won't miss the meat at all.

Zero Waste Meal Planning Tips

1) Plan meals according to the season (aka use locally grown fruits and veggies). Click here to see the Ontario Availability Guide.

2) Make your own dressings and sauces to save from buying plastic containers.

3) Buy in bulk and portion into serving sizes that you can freeze (if you have a busy lifestyle).

4) Skip on buying frozen foods (as I said above, freeze your own portions in reusable containers).

5) Re-grow your own veggies from food scraps. You can do this with 19 different veggies and herbs. Click here to learn how to.

Have a great evening,

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