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If you are a newly engaged couple, or a seasoned industry professional, the word Eco-Luxe (ecoluxe) might be starting to pop up on your radar. So what does Eco-Luxe really mean?

Eco-Luxe is a buzz word, so you won't be finding it in the dictionary, but that doesn't make the concept any less meaningful. In the event world THIS IS THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Finally, we have two worlds amalgamating.

Eco-Luxe is screaming at us, "You can be the princess you have always wanted to be, while still showing the planet some much needed love".

Eco-Luxe in the words of Anita La Forgia:

"So breaking it down Eco is a word that describes, ‘not harming the environment,’ and Luxe is a shortened version of ‘luxurious and of high quality’. Ecoluxe, therefore brings both, often thought as opposing concepts and balancing them as to not harm the environment, while being luxurious.....Traditionally there has been somewhat of a stigma that to be sustainable and environmentally conscious, an individual had to be a ‘hippie’. A far-left, slightly odd person with beliefs far removed from the mainstream. As climate change becomes more widely accepted as truth and discussed, so too has the notion that we all need and must be, or start to be more sustainable and conscious of the environment, if we want to have a healthy planet to live in. It can also be small steps."

Resources to help you create an Eco-Luxe Wedding or Event -

Attend the Cascadia Wedding Show:

This virtual #ecoluxe wedding show is happening across Canada and the USA February 4-6, 2021. The shows agenda includes webinars, virtual wine tasting, downloadable planning tools and they are showcasing some of the best local, sustainable brands in British Columbia, Ontario, California and the Midwest.

Visit the Good Green's Eco Vendor Directory:

This directory is filled with eco ethical vendors from across North America. It's small at the moment, but it's only going to keep growing.

Check Out These Carbon-offsetting Resources:

The Good Traveller is great for carbon offsetting travel pollution.

Here is a Purchasing Carbon Offsets Guide by the David Suzuki Foundation.

Planetair is a Canadian not-for-profit organization; they have great carbon offsetting resources.

Purchase the Mindfully Wed E-Guide:

This guide is from a company called Less Stuff More Meaning. Check out their website for lots of eco-ethical wedding inspiration.

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