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Intersectional Environmentalism

Happy Friday Everyone!

It seems that 2020 has decided to take us all for an unexpected ride, over and over again. I was prepared to spend the month of June advocating for the LGBTQ+ community through blog posts, donations, and the selling of the Perrier Planning Pride Box. Then the Black Lives Matter movement, originally started in July 2013 to combat systematic racism, rose again with a flourish after the death of George Floyd. Along with the persistent environmental issues we face daily, we are now being asked if we are doing enough to combat the dark racism that continually lies beneath the surface of our hegemonic white privileged society.

I have always been an advocate for equality, and stand proudly as a feminist and human rights defender, but one can always do more. Although labels can sometimes do more harm than good, I felt disorientated over the past week without a term to describe my beliefs - I want to show my support for the black community, the LGBTQ+ community, all people of colour and the environment.

Then BOOM. I was sent a newsletter by the lovely Romina from Eco-Friendly Events introducing me to the term "intersectional environmentalism". Leah Thomas defines it eloquently in the definition below.

Stand me with me and take the Intersectional Environmentalist Pledge, created by Leah Thomas (@GreenGirlLeah).

Let's stand together and create a better world.

Holly -

Founder of Perrier Planning

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