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Eco-Friendly, Ethical, and Canadian Made Jewellery

I LOVE jewellery! I love how it can add to an outfit, bring joy to our psyche, and allow us to present our personalities to the world. When I take a look around, I see beautiful pieces of jewellery everywhere: gold rings, silver bracelets, gorgeous earrings, and stylish necklaces.

The first time I started to consider the concept of 'ethical' jewellery was after watching Blood Diamond years ago.

So what is ethical jewellery?

Jewellery that is made with regulations monitoring both sustainability and the quality of life for those sourcing the gems. Here is what that looks like:

- Supply chain transparency

- No use of child labour

- More money and resources given back to the local community

- Recycled diamonds

- A limited impact on the environment

Click here to read about examples of unethical jewellery production.

Eco-friendly Jewellery:

If your goal is to be as eco-friendly as possible, then search for reconditioned, vintage or second hand pieces.

I highly recommend Fair Trade Jewellery Co. for their reconditioned pieces.

Buying Canadian Made:

Here are some companies in Canada that are producing amazing work with jewellery: gold, diamonds, and gemstones. These companies offer ethically sourced, locally made, and fair trade pieces.


Foe and Dear

Kim Drosdick Jewellery

Made You Look

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