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5 Unique & Low Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas

Okay, so we have four days until Christmas, and you have probably bought most of your presents by now, but have you wrapped them yet? If not, then I AM HERE FOR YOU.....and the best part? You don't even need to spend any money.

Here are 5 of my favourite low waste gift wrapping ideas made from items you already have in your home!

#1 - Use an old toilet paper roll for small gifts & jewellery

Cuter than expected right? Click here to view a tutorial on how it's done!

#2 - Use a dish towel or scarf to wrap the furoshiki-style knot

This style of wrapping originated in 14th century Japan. The Japanese government launched a campaign to revive this style of wrapping about five years ago, in hopes of slowing down our climate crisis. This knot has helped moderate the disposal of plastic bags and paper waste into the environment.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on tying the furoshiki-style knot.

#3 - Wrap a bottle of wine with an old dress shirt

I was shocked at how well this works! Cut off one of the sleeves and take a needle and thread. Sew the bottom and you’re done! Place the bottle in and fix the cuff of the sleeve, or tie the two ends together. To close the bag you can use a ribbon, directly the shirt button or reuse an old tie! FABULOUS and ORIGINAL.

#4 - Use old sheet music

If you have a musician in the house - this ones for you!! Old sheet music makes fantastic wrapping paper.

#5 - Glass jars are perfect for gifting sweets or small items

Don't go out and buy a glass jar! Look in your recycling and grab a used one. To take the label off, simply soak the jar in hot soapy water for five minutes and peel it off. To get rid of stubborn sticky bits: use a bit of olive oil on a cloth.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


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