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About Us -

Professionalism At All Times

Perrier Planning was born in 2018 out of a passion for helping other people, a love of parties and a duty to respect the beautiful environment we live in. We make the most important events in our clients’ lives as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Through strategic partnerships formed over the past year, we have learned to be flexible and accommodating to each client’s unique needs and preferences.  We have made a commitment to make sure all our vendors practice sustainability.  This means printing invitations on recycled paper, using local flower farms, planning menus based on what is in season and many more exciting concepts like this. I hope you’ll let us plan your next unforgettable event!



Get to Know Us

Holly Perrier

Owner and Lead Planner

Holly graduated from the University of Victoria with a bachelors degree in English Literature.  She got certified as a wedding planner, a year later, through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC). In 2018, she decided to open up an eco-friendly event planning company.  In 2019, Holly also got certified as a wedding designer. She specializes in planning and designing green weddings. In her spare time Holly loves drinking wine, cooking, traveling and hiking.  She is passionate about using more sustainable business practices and respecting the environment.  Her positivity and organizational skills make her a great planner and a fun person to grab a drink with.

William Barraclough

Business Consultant and Event Set-Up

Will has a diploma in business management and a post-graduate degree in wine business management.  He deals with any legal questions surrounding the business and helps with event set-up.  He believes in collaboration, cooperation and environmentally sound practices. He has owned a painting business and currently works in the wine industry.  In his spare time Will enjoys mountain biking, drinking wine, camping and going to concerts.  Will's enthusiasm and drive makes him a great member of the team.